Business Acquisition

Traneko helps you make a successful business acquisition. We have done this many times before and offer a structured, quality assured process.

Buying a company is probably one of the most complex transactions. Basically, as with everything else, it is important to know what you are buying and at what price to pay.

When you buy a company, you as a buyer have a so-called "duty of examination" according to the Swedish Sales of Goods Act.

Traneko is an expert in corporate acquisitions

With our legal and financial expertise together with long experience from many company acquisitions in multiple industries, we help you through the whole process. We make sure you know what you are buying and that you are buying it for the right price. We also ensure that the transaction is structured in an optimal way for you.

Our ambition is that our counseling will pay off several times for you as a customer.

A well-executed and structured acquisition process lays the foundation for a successful acquisition and integration of the company into an already existing company / group structure.

Traneko helps with the entire acquisition process, but can also be consulted for the different parts of the acquisition.

♖ Analysis and valuation
♖ Letter of intent (LOI / Term sheet)
♖ Due diligence
♖ Negotiation
♖ Acquisition structure
♖ Establishment of an agreement
♖ Access

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