Business Valuation

Traneko carries out independent market valuations of unlisted companies, groups and operations. We have extensive experience in market valuation of unlisted companies in most industries.

Market valuation of companies is not an exact science. It depends on a variety of subjective and objective factors that must be adapted for the specific company.

In the end, a market value should reflect the reasonable and expected price at which a transfer of the company should be possible in an open and unregulated market, between a rational and voluntary seller and buyer, where both parties have access to equal and complete information.

The fundamentals of a company valuation are based on the company's financial situation and the capability future returns. When calculating a company's future returns, there are a number of factors to analyze and take into account. The historical return is usually indicative of the assessment of future cash flows and profits. Based on this, various value-affecting factors and the company's risk profile are then analyzed to be compared with calculated return capacity.

An important tool in business valuation is also a comparison with other relevant business transfers and price relationships, so-called relative or multiple rating.

Quality assured model

Our model for independent market valuation has been developed and is based on long experience of company transfers and company valuations. A market valuation must always be adapted to the specific company and industry. Our different valuation models include the following elements to ensure quality and relevance in each individual market valuation.

- DCF (Cash Flow Valuation)
- Discounted Cashflows Valuation (Profit)
- Market valuation
- Profit Multiple Valuation (Benchmark)
- Substance evaluation
- Key figures analysis
- World analysis
- Industry Analysis / Competitor Comparison (Benchmark)
- Valuation of all elements above

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